Monday, October 20, 2014

For The Happy Couple!

I am so looking forward to this wedding!
Our best-man's daughters is having a winter 
wonderland wedding this December. 
In a lovely seaside Victorian B & B.

 This was the shower gift given over the weekend.
The center of each star is the same fabric as the border.
It is the stack and whack technique.

I tried different photos settings and many photos
 did not turn out well. What a bummer.
The background is a deep dark black.

Till We Quilt Again,

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Count Me In!-A Free BOM

Come join us!

Jacquelynne's Steve is the creator of a free BOM 
starting October 27th. All you have to do is 
send her your email address--that's it! 
You can sign up HERE!

Reasons why I am doing this!

I have never done a online BOM before.

Finish when you can-no time limit.
Use my stash!
Make as many or as few blocks as you want.
Support a fellow New Jerseyian.
And it is Free!

Barb at Mountain Quilt Works is having a 

great Giveaway. 
I was on the fence until reading her blog. 
But I am now in!
Stop over for enter her Giveaway!

Till We Quilt Again,

Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Gift From The Heart!

Eleanor is a long time friend. 
Along with being one of the most giving persons I know!

It did not surprise me that she wanted to donate this quilt to raise money to benefit various ministries though her church.

The quilt is so.... beautiful with rich colors!

I quilted this freehand with swirling feathers.
 Measures 72 x 104 

I am sure this quilt and the proceeds will benefit many. 
It is a 
"Gift From The Heart"

Till We Quilt Again,

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Distraction!

Had some shelve liner and wonderful fall 
fabric that I didn't want to cut.

Pinned the liner on the longarm, laid fabric on top and quilted a design that I wanted to try.

A few minutes later I had a slip-proof floor runner.
Then added binding with a domestic machine.

Feeling overloaded with commitments and obligations 
I now and then need 
a quick-little distractions! 

Do you have little distractions that help clear the mind?

Till We Quilt Again,

Friday, October 10, 2014

Friend's On Friday-Eileen

This vibrant quilt was made by Eileen.

 Eileen wanted quilting that consisted of leaves and vine swirls. 

Aren't these colors beautiful? 

Pattern-Jelly Roll Race with borders
Size-70 x 82
Batting-Hobbs 80/20
Quilting-Freehand leaves and vines

Till We Quilt Again,

Thursday, October 9, 2014

"TLC" & Portraits

Let me introduce you to........

Denise holding Kendall.
Denise made several other portraits in different techniques!
I was in such amazement--I didn't get photos of them all.
Hope she post them on her blog in the near future.




I few weeks back one of our family friend's son came to me asking 
if I could save his wedding quilt.
You can tell this quilt is loved and used often!

It came to me after the dog decided to use it as a teething toy!

I ended up cutting off several inches of the border
 all away around the quilt!

 After seeing how well used this guilt was I decided to machine the binding to the front and loosely attach to the back (time was a factor here) by hand.  Then reinforced with a machine blanket stitch to grab the front and back for durability. 
They have 2 young children and a teething dog! 

 This quilt was hand made the Amish in Lancaster PA.
and was all hand quilted.

Ironically I quilted a quilt for a women from Lancaster 2 years ago that made the same pattern. Here is a few photos.

She came in 2nd at their County Fair.

Till We Quilt Again,

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Lancaster Here We Come!

In 13 days we are off to Lancaster, PA.
For a multi-guild retreat.

For our project I am going to use a 
Windham "Ivory Basics" Jelly Roll.

This may look a bit bland now, but it will not for long!

My plan is not to purchase any additional fabric.
Going to use what I own.
This way, while in Lancaster I can hit some of the 
great quilt stores and replenish! 

 This is our challenge fabric to make 2 blocks.
They are now completed.
I will show them to you soon!

This will be so much fun!

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Till We Quilt Again,

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

"Oh Calamity" This Was A Great Book!

I just finished listen to........

When it comes to quilting and depending how intricate the quilting needs to be, this determines if I need quiet, some pumped up music 
or a good audible book.

I was bummed when the quilt was finished 
but more so when the book was done!

The narrator was amazing!
 And Liane Moriarty has the ability to create 
real people with real lives!

I highly recommend this one!

Till We Quilt Again,


Monday, October 6, 2014

Nails and Quilting!

Recently I posted how I store my metal bobbins. 
Which you can see photos and read about Here
However many of you use plastic bobbins. 
So this got me thinking!

Still use a magnetic dry erase board.
Still use mini magnets.

But here is the solution for plastic bobbins!
After alittle looking I found some flat head nails.

(If hubby only knew what goes on while he is away!)

These seem to be about 1 1/2 inches long. 
And my philosophy is "go with whatever he has".

 Now for this part! 
I really won't care if the points
 were removed or not. That is totally up to you.

You can see how nicely they attach with the magnet.

 The nice part about leaving the point on is you can store same colored bobbins together or several on one nail.

I placed these on my little dry erase board 
so you could see a better photo.
Plus this is great if you are limited in a space.

And better yet, if the nail was long enough it
 could hold the bobbin and a spool of thread!

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Till We Quilt Again,